A better way to store cryptocurrency

Gridlock is the easiest way to securely store cryptocurrencies.

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Advanced Technology

  • Gridlock uses cutting-edge cryptography to secure digital assets. Our product is more secure than any other solution.

Clear Simplicity

Our clear and intuitive interface removes the confusion around cryptocurrency. Be confident that your assets are secure and in your control.

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Guaranteed Privacy

  • You have a right to privacy. Never sacrifice privacy (or usability)
  • hoping for better security. With Gridlock you get both.

Why Gridlock?

We are proud to offer a product with a clear purpose.

Universal solution

Works with every cryptocurrency

Always Available

Accessible from anywhere at anytime

Unbeatable security

Better than anything available today

Complete Control

You are in control; no one else

Guaranteed Privacy

Privacy by design

Friendly Interface

Clear, intuitive design

Beauty of simplicity


We combine Threshold Signatures (TSS), Distributed Key Generation (DKG), and Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) to split data into pieces and secure them in devices across the globe.

Data is always protected even if storage devices are compromised or offline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gridlock is a new and secure way to store any digital asset, including all cryptocurrencies. It’s simple, unbelievably safe, and takes away the stress of managing your assets. With Gridlock, you are always protected and always in control.

Android and iOS apps are coming very soon!

Gridlock is more than just a wallet. Wallets are devices that store your keys and rely on you to protect them. Gridlock uses a network of devices, not just one. It's more than a wallet, it's a unbreakable distributed vault.

Gridlock is the safest cryptocurrency storage platform available. It works by splitting encryption keys into tiny pieces and distributes them across multiple devices. You get the combined protection from all devices and simultaneously mitigate any possible weaknesses. Your assets safe even if some of the devices are lost or stolen. Read our documentation for more details.

Gridlock is not a cryptocurrency custodian but rather a platform that increases the strength of your own storage. Existing solutions either require you to give up control of your assets or put the risk of theft and loss entirely in your hands. Gridlock ensures that you are always in full control while eliminating the stress of personal management. The best of both worlds!


More questions? Read our documentation