Our Whirli Journey


Toys, toys, toys.

Who else feels like there are toys all over their house? I must admit, I sometimes feel like there isn’t a day I don’t trip over one of my son Leo’s toys! As a parent, you very quickly accumulate a mountain of toys. Some you bought, some you wish you didn’t buy (usually the noisy ones!) and some were gifted.

It’s great for your little one to have lots to play with – but how long do they actually use each one? Some toys are played with for a few minutes then set aside never to be played with again, and doesn’t that seem like a waste?

When Leo was at the furniture cruising stage I was conscious that if I purchased a baby walker once he had learned to walk he would no longer use it. But I also knew how helpful they are in helping him build his leg muscles ready for walking. This is what made me start searching for a toy library, and I came across Whirli. It allows you to toy swap, literally handing in the ones you’re done with for a whole new lot – which is great as your children continue to grow out of certain ones! Leo’s very first Whirli toy was the Little Tikes Walker. I remember watching Leo take his first steps with this walker, it was a truly joyful moment.

The way Whirli works is that you subscribe to tokens that can be exchanged for toys. You choose your toys – with more than 1000 to pick from – for unlimited playtime. Keep the ones the little one’s love and send back what they don’t! They send you the toys in the post, which have been professionally cleaned and come fully working (i.e. batteries included). Once the toys are no longer required, you send them back in exchange for the equivalent tokens. The postage label and tape are included so you just seal the box back up and drop it off at the post office. They add the tokens back onto your account so you can then get more toys. It’s especially good for our purse strings, saving on buying expensive brand new toys. Whirli is fantastic for your child, your wallet, the environment, and for saving space!

With MySunshine, we can document all the fun new toys Leo plays with, without having to keep the toys forever! Memories can be made and pictures can be taken – all while taking care of my wallet and keeping the environment in mind. Family and friends share in Leo’s enjoyment of the toys through pictures and videos on MySunshine. Once the toys are gone, they can be replaced with new ones but not forgotten as we get to look back through the different games and gadgets that he’s been entertained by throughout the years. You can capture memories of your child dressed as an astronaut, a doctor, a builder, and let their imagination run free.

I have personally found Whirli invaluable. I usually do a toy swap every two months, but during the COVID-19 lockdowns it was monthly due to spending more time at home. This has saved me not only space but also money in the long run. As Leo grows, he continues to have access to an endless number of toys to play with and swap through Whirli. There are toys available for newborns up to 8 year olds so you can stay with Whirli and keep exchanging toys as your child develops.

Use the code SUNSHINE30 for 30% off your first Whirli order and start your toy swapping journey today!

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