Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery


Decorating your baby’s nursery is an exciting task, but also one that can be quite stressful too! When you’re shopping around, you want to find practical yet stylish items that are also child-friendly. Finding things to fit all of these needs can feel overwhelming when you first start out. To help you with your decorating journey, here are a few tips and tricks.

Getting Started

To set yourself up for success, begin by measuring your room. This helps you plan where your furniture will go and decide what the best use of space will be. Secondly, consider how much storage you will need – children quickly accumulate toys, clothes and all sorts so try to make the most of the space you have!

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time before your baby’s due date. Starting a little earlier gives you more time to create a welcoming and functional space for both you and your baby. Some people start planning their nursery in the second trimester, but you should start whenever you feel ready and have some spare time.

Choose a Sturdy Crib

Your baby’s crib is one of the few places that your child will be left on their own, so the most important feature is that it is strong and safe. Firstly, make sure to check that your crib is in line with the safety standards of your country. Reading reviews online can be really helpful to show you how other parents found it! Some cribs can also be converted to toddler beds later on so keep that in mind when looking – the extra upfront cost could save you more money in the long run.

Stock up on Baby Bedding

Get plenty of spare bedding, ready for all the messes that only a baby can create! Find a comfy crib mattress and choose fitted sheets made from natural fibre to make sure you don’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Pick a Good Changing Table

A great changing table makes life with a newborn a million times easier. Try to find one that is sturdy and has a decent amount of storage space for wipes and the other nappy-changing essentials that you’ll need. 

Storage Is Key 

Although your baby will be small, the amount of stuff they come along with won’t be! They quickly accumulate all sorts of soft toys, clothes, books, and other baby essentials.

When buying furniture for storage, look for items that can be used long-term and won’t be needing a replacement too soon. Make sure any furniture you get is either very lightweight or can be anchored to the walls or floors for your child’s safety as they start to explore and climb!

Think About Shelving

Being able to display knick-knacks and your child’s favourite bedtime stories is a lovely addition to any nursery. While bookcases or shelves are a practical storage feature, they also double up as a place for creativity and decoration.

A Cosy Spot for You

Having a rocking chair, gliding chair or armchair provides somewhere comfortable for you to sit during night feeds or bedtime stories. Find one that is cosy for you to sit in – you’ll likely end up spending a lot of time in it! It’s also helpful to look for one that can be easily wiped down or cleaned, in preparation for all forms of baby mess.

Something to Dim the Room

Blackout curtains or blinds are a must-have in a nursery. Make sure to look for ones that are kiddy-proof with no chords to pull on or break. 

Lighting to Brighten It Up

Think about finding softer lighting for night feeds, so you don’t get the shock of bright light in the middle of the night! It can also be helpful to have a nightlight for your child to provide comfort. 

Free up tabletops and surface space by installing sconces instead of table lamps. These can look amazing and give you way more freedom with the placement of your lights. 

Find a Washable Rug

Rugs add an extra level of comfort and warmth to a room; finding a baby-proof or washable rug for your nursery is essential. It is also worth making sure the rug is gentle and soft for when your baby starts to crawl. Rug Traders have a really handy guide on how to baby-proof rugs.

Something for the Baby to Look At

A hanging mobile above the crib is not just aesthetic, it’s also fantastic visual and cognitive stimulation for your baby.  Make sure to hang it high enough so that they are unable to reach it – around 16 inches from the top of the crib’s mattress will do.

Celebrate Your Results

Finishing your baby’s nursery is one of the exciting milestones in your pregnancy journey. To celebrate its completion, don’t forget to add our “Your nursery is ready” milestone with a photo of your finished room to your MySunshine timeline!

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