Baby classes – why should I go to one?


If you haven’t taken a baby class yet, you might be wondering if they’re worth it. You might even be feeling some apprehension about bringing your baby into this new environment. The benefits of baby classes are numerous, it is so worth taking the plunge! 

Your baby can learn so many new things (and so can you!)

Baby classes can encourage learning from a young age in a fun and interactive way. Whatever baby class you go for will be a new experience to support and enhance their development. 

Your baby gets to make new friends

Going to a baby class means more babies for your child to play, socialise and form friendships with. As they all get older they can even move on to toddler groups together and form long-lasting friendships.

2 Young girls playing at a table
You get to meet new people!

Going to a baby class means that you get to meet new people that are on the same page as you! They are at a similar life stage and probably have a baby at a similar age to yours. They’ll understand your struggles and celebrate your successes. They’ll also get it if you’re exhausted or disorganised – they’re in the same boat.  You get to chat with actual grown-ups (not babies!) which is always a relief as a parent. Both you and your baby can make new friends, it’s a win-win situation.

The people that you meet at baby classes often end up being a very beneficial support network. Research from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children suggests that parents who consistently attend classes and groups with a child under 3 were twice as likely to report having support from friends when their children were older. This type of social support can improve mother-baby attachment and reduce levels of anxiety and maternal depression. 

New experiences for your baby

Babies are always learning from the world around them and benefit from having a variety of different experiences. Your baby will be learning through experimentation and exploration of everyday experiences so why not give them even more to explore and experiment with? All these new experiences can also tire your baby out – making nap time a little easier. With MySunshine, you can document all these new experiences for your baby. You can also easily share them with your loved ones and look back on them together in the years to come.

It’s a great way to spend quality time with your baby

During a baby class, you can focus on your baby without the normal distractions of the home such as laundry or the dirty dishes you’ve been avoiding! This can enable you to have focused quality time with your child in a way that is not always possible.

It’s a great reason to get out of the house

When you’re home with a baby, days can blur into one and get quite lonely. Going to a baby class brings structure and routine to your week and can motivate you to get out and about with your baby. Baby classes are a great activity to aim for and look forward to.

From baby yoga to sensory classes, there’s all sorts for your child to get involved in – no matter your budget, schedule, or interests. Different classes have different benefits so no matter what you go for, it will be a valuable experience for you and your baby.

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