The sharenting trap


It can be easy to fall prey to the sharenting trap in the age of social media oversharing, especially if you’re feeling isolated as a parent – sharing pictures and videos of your child helps you feel connected to your friends and family. Wanting to share these experiences with loved ones is natural, but posting on social media doesn’t give you the option to only share with a chosen few. Even with the best privacy settings and smallest following, those memories are there for the whole world to see. 

Leah Plunkett defines sharenting as ‘all the ways parents, teachers, and other trusted adults publish, transmit, store, or engage in other activities involving private information about children in their care via digital channels’. Simply put, that is how adults share children’s information online. The platforms used, accelerate their leap into the online world, possibly before they are quite ready. 

Respecting the privacy of your child

Plunkett advocates the importance of protecting the privacy of your children in our digital world so they have ‘room to play, to make and learn from mischief and mistakes, and become the awesome individuals they’re meant to be’. Having a select few family and friends able to access your child’s memories maintains their privacy without loved ones missing out. Using MySunshine rather than social media gives your child choice when it comes to them developing their own social media presence – or not – and what information they share. 

Risk of identity theft 

Studies estimate that by 2030 nearly two-thirds of identity-fraud cases affecting young people will be caused by sharenting –  at a cost of £667 million per year. Parents are inadvertently compromising the financial security of their children by sharing information such as names, birthdates,  home addresses, schools, pet names, photographs and more. Barclays states that social media means identity fraud has ‘never been easier’ and that parents make their children fraud targets by sharing so much personal information online.

How can I protect my children online?

Making sure not to post personal information such as birthdays and pet names on social media is a good step towards protecting your child online. However, posting pictures of your child online can always pose a risk, no matter how cautious you are. At MySunshine, we’ve removed that uncertainty and risk by creating an app that still allows you to share precious moments with loved ones within a closed network. You have full control over who has access, and what their level of access is. MySunshine has the best-in-class security by design; all of your communication and data is stored in an encrypted format, both in transit and within our database. When using our app, you can be sure that your photos and personal information are totally safe and secure!

With MySunshine you can avoid oversharing with your friends and followers that may be less invested in hearing about your child’s tooth falling out or the first fib they told. You can connect exclusively with your child’s most important loved ones in one secure place. Grandparents can keep up to date with memories and milestones without the whole world knowing! 

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