The ultimate baby changing bag checklist


What you really need to pack

Small babies need their nappy changed up to 12 times daily which goes down to 6-8 times a day as they get older. That means a lot of nappy changes!

Your first step to packing the ultimate changing bag is buying the right bag. Some parents find a backpack style is easier than an over the shoulder bag. It is far more practical when trying to juggle a baby. It is a good idea to consider what you need the bag for, how it will be used and how much space is required to cater to all your baby’s needs! 
Make sure to pack your nappy bag carefully to avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to nappy changing time. You want to be well prepared without hauling a load of extra stuff with you. 

Things to always have:

  • A travel changing mat – one that folds up small is particularly useful.
  • Nappies! The amount will depend on how old your baby is and how long you’ll be out for but it’s often worth having 3 or 4 to be on the safe side. It is also useful to keep a few spare nappies and wet wipes in your car in case of emergency – you don’t want to be caught somewhere with no nappies!
  • Alcohol and fragrance free baby wipes – an important addition to any changing bag! From a nappy change to snack time, baby wipes are always useful for parents of little tots. You can even get biodegradable wet wipes in most major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda.
  • Nappy sacks – there aren’t always places to dispose of nappies so you’ll want a good supply of nappy sacks with you at all times! There are biodegradable sacks as well as reusable sacks available so you’ll be able to find the one that suits you and your budget. 
  • Barrier cream (also known as nappy rash cream) to protect your baby’s skin from irritation and soothe any nappy rash. You can even buy travel-sized pots of creams such as sudocrem, perfect for your changing bag.
  • Burp cloths or muslin squares to clean up any small messes while out and about! Use them to wipe up dribble or sick, shield your baby on a sunny day, and protect your shoulder when burping your baby.
  • A spare outfit for your baby – ready for the next nappy leak, sick up, or drink spillage. 
  • A spare outfit for you is always helpful for those unexpected mishaps! Even just a spare top in case of sicky burps can make your day-to-day a little easier.
  • A comfort toy or item for your baby. Having this at the ready can make going out a lot easier for you and keep your child content.
  • Travel-sized hand sanitiser to help keep you and your baby safe and clean when there are no public bathrooms or handwashing facilities.
  • Milk Bottles and powder ready for when hunger strikes. If you use baby formula, you’ll want to have some spare powder and a sterilised bottle in your bag.
  • Spare dummies, if your baby uses them. You’ll want one or two spares on hand for when they got lost, dropped, or otherwise put out of action! 

As your baby grows their needs will change and develop – use this list as guidance and you’ll soon find your own preferences and nappy bag must-haves. Remember to show off your flawlessly packed baby changing bag on MySunshine – you could even add it as a milestone! 

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