Give the Gift of MySunshine Premium This Christmas!


This Christmas, share the love with family and friends by gifting MySunshine premium. So many of us are still not able to see family as much as before COVID-19 so this is a fantastic opportunity to stay connected for only the price of a coffee each month. On any timeline you have been added to, you can upgrade to premium – anyone can upgrade an account, regardless of your permissions on the timeline. Simply go to settings then subscriptions and choose the monthly or annual subscription. 

With premium, you and your loved ones can securely upload up to 10,000 memories to share and treasure. To put that into perspective, MySunshine can contain the equivalent of a memory every single day for over 25 years. 

You can be safe in the knowledge that MySunshine is secure and trusted by parents – childhood memories can be shared with, and only with, loved ones that are invited to the timeline. Your actions and communications within the app and on our website use end-to-end encryption, so no need to worry about anyone else accessing your precious memories. MySunshine is simple to use and available for the Web, iOS, and Android users so everyone can use it – from grandparents to family friends, no matter their device!

Videos are also part of our premium package – users can share their baby’s first steps or the funny dance their child is doing. As well as videos, premium users can upload higher quality photos on our app or website, no more blurred photos! Multiple photos and videos can be uploaded in one go, with no file size limits and no waiting around. This means more memories for you to share and treasure.

MySunshine premium is not only a gift to the parents using it but to the rest of their friends and family that can see what the child is up to. MySunshine has unlimited sharing – allowing users to connect with friends and family to their heart’s content! No one is left out and everyone can stay connected, no matter where they are. Memories can be kept in one secure place and users keep full control of who has access to their memories and milestones, as well as who can add and edit memories. 

Children have new, exciting, experiences every day; share them by creating custom milestones which are an exclusive feature available to premium users. Experience your grandchild’s first trip to the park or your nieces and nephews playing in the snow, even when you’re apart. Once you’ve been invited you can follow and comment on every memory. Memories are automatically organised and easily searched for your convenience. We’ll even send you daily email updates and instant app notifications as often as you choose to keep you up to date with the little ones! 

Prints, such as physical photo albums, will initially be available to UK-based users by the end of 2022 and with MySunshine premium, delivery will be free!

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