We have some exciting new updates at MySunshine!

Version 2 promo image showing app updates of privacy setting toggles and profile pictures

Sharing photos of your children with loved ones has never been easier! The use of social media platforms is now widespread, thanks to the ease of using them, combined with easy access to smartphones. Gone are the days of expensive MMS messages and excessive roaming charges. Now, you can upload photos with ease wherever you are. But, is it safe and secure? 

Whilst social media platforms are fantastic for connecting people and easy to use, it’s not unusual to be wary of them and worry about sharing family photos online. For many, there’s concern around how accessible photos are to other people, and at MySunshine we understand that. It’s one of the reasons why we created our app to give you a way to share photos of your children with friends and family without having to post them on social media. 

So on that note – we’ve made some updates to not only help make the app as private as you’d like it but also to make it as easy to use as possible! 

So, what have we changed? 

We’ve updated our privacy settings to make it that much easier to choose who will, and won’t, see your uploads. Our app was already very secure, but we always make sure our User Interface is the best it can be to keep your photos safe. 

You’re also now able to search through our list of milestones on the app so that you don’t have to scroll and scroll to find the one you want. Looking to add details to the first time your little one walked for example? Just type in that milestone, and it will appear! 

It can be a drag waiting for photos to upload so you can use the app – now they’ll process in the background, so you can make your way around your profile without having to wait for them to finish uploading. 

Sharing your MySunshine profile with friends and family? They can now like and comment on your memories, to give them more of a personal touch. 

Have multiple children on your account? Now you can help to differentiate between them, with profile pictures for each timeline – making adding a milestone for each child that much easier. 

All of the above changes are available on our free version, but we have also introduced a new custom feature for premium users. Premium users can now create their own custom milestones which might not be captured in the standard set we have. 

So, why should you use MySunshine?

Social media sites absolutely have their benefits. They’re a brilliant way to keep in touch with people you may not be able to see very often. MySunshine offers a different take on photo-sharing. It allows you to stay connected with the people really important to you and your child, and create a secure social feed tailored to your little one. So give it a go today – it’s free to do so!

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