Fun Things to Do With Children This National Playday, and Throughout the Summer in Britain


With international travel rules ever-changing, why not look to stay on British soil this Summer? Across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you’ll be able to uncover the highest heights of the British Landscape, take to the blue waters of our beach havens and explore some amazing locations with your loved ones.

So with the sun making its way over the UK once again, get the children up and ready for a fun-packed summer holiday! Whether you want to be out and about, or kick back at home, we’ve got some great ideas to get you started off.

Getting Out and About

Fossil-Hunting on the Jurassic Coast

Running from Exmouth in Devon to Studland Bay in Dorset, the rocks found on this coastal path record over 185 million years of the Earth’s history. Be sure to check out the beautiful cliffs at Beer, the significant seaside town of Lyme Regis, Old Harry Rocks, and West Bay’s golden sands. If you’re looking for a sense of adventure, don’t miss out on the breathtakingly blue bay in Lulworth Cove, or even the grand, natural limestone arch of Durdle Door neighbouring the secluded bay.

Explore BeWILDerwood in the Forests of Cheshire

Wanting to take your family on the perfect excursion through the woodland of South Cheshire, BeWILDerwood has it all set up for you. The 50-acre forestry play area has been designed by Tom Blofeld, a local children’s author, created to bring your family together in having fun in nature itself. The children will love climbing trees, crossing rope bridges, building outdoor dens and exploring the forest itself. Create memories, become one with mother nature, and play together as a family! You won’t see a single grown-up sitting on the sidelines at BeWILDerwood as adults love to get stuck into the fun too! So get ready to run WILD. 

MONKEY Around in Trentham Forest, Staffordshire

Ready to surprise the kids with one of nature’s funniest animals? Set in 60 acres of ancient woodland, Trentham Monkey Forest is a unique trip you just can’t miss out on! Home to 140 free-roaming Barbary Macaques along with their latest special arrivals of 5 adorable new baby monkeys joining their tribe; don’t overlook the opportunity to show your family these little bundles of joy!

Thrills, Screams and Excitement Overload

If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for a new blast at life, then don’t miss out on a fun-packed day at Alton Towers! This highly-rated theme park is one of the UK’s favourites with a wide variety of gravity-defying roller coasters, including Galactica – a unique virtual reality roller coaster. There’s also plenty of fun for the children to take part in too! Little ones have a wholly immersive experience ready for them with the play areas located in CBeebies Land and Sharkbait Reef, the pirate-themed aquarium. Bring out the thrill-seeker in your kids with the family fun experience and explore the Resort this Summer – a trip the kids won’t forget!

Big Kids For The Day

Are your children looking for that fun-packed adventure? Then Paultons Park is the place for you to visit this summer. Located in Hampshire, with over 70 exciting rides and attractions for all the family to enjoy, this is the perfect place to escape. Also being home to the UK’s only Peppa Pig World with fun Peppa-themed rides, we know the children will be jumping for joy when they spot the characters walking the grounds beside them! Enjoy their masses of roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, water splash parks, entertainments and animals at their amusement park.

Home is Where The Fun Lies

If you’re not fancying a day trip out of the house and looking for something a little more laid back, then why not get stuck into some fun at home? With our compilation of fun ideas, get the kids’ minds ticking away and keep their hands busy!

Arts & Crafts

Bring out your children’s imagination with a creative photo journal of your family summer, collect tokens of memories wherever you travel to and the activities you do together, to create an amazing journal of Summer memoirs.

Why not bring out your children’s creative side with some back garden painting, let them go crazy with their artistry and take their hands and feet to canvas to express their creativity! You could also create their very own custom potato stamps by chopping and carving them into a variety of shapes to build up their pictures too!

Why not grab some old magazines, photos and stickers and get the children to create some magical items using their imagination! You could also use recyclable materials to create toys such as cars, playhouses for dolls, or even a huge castle fort from cardboard boxes!

Food for Thought

Bring out their cooking expertise by letting the kids take control in the kitchen, the activity in teaching them how to cook their favourite meals, taught by their favourite chefs! Whether it’s letting them stir the pasta or just plating the food up, allowing them to have power in a new environment and using their decision-making skills brings them a sense of duty and responsibility! 

If you find this a great way to connect with the children, then we suggest checking out Little Cooks Co for their award-winning monthly cooking kits. An easy, fun and healthy activity for kids!

Missed out on a trip to the local ice cream farm? We know we wouldn’t be happy, so why not put on an ice cream buffet for after dinner! They can choose from their favourite toppings to the tastiest sauces, for just a fraction of the price with all the fun involved!

More food fun for the family is taking to the garden on a clear, starry night and getting the outdoor fire going for some tasty campfire food! You can create some great tasting food such as fiery hotdogs, popping popcorn and making some smoky smores!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Why not take the children out for a daily walk to get their minds and bodies moving? Whether there’s a nearby park to go for a play date with school friends, or a nice forestry walk in the local area; keep the kids active over the summer holidays.

With nature on our doorsteps, there are so many simple activities to keep your kids engaged with mother nature; what better way to do this than by setting up a scavenger hunt! Have the children find an item starting with each letter along their walk and collect them, or even set up a personalised scavenger hunt to find a treat at the end!

We’re Going on an Adventure

On the 4th of August, families across the UK will be celebrating National Playday with one another. Their annual theme for this year, Summer of Play, appreciates the challenges children and young people have had to face the past year and the desire to enjoy time spent with friends and family.

Whether you decide to get involved in National Playday by taking a family trip out to a theme park or even just wanting to get together with family and close friends for a garden party with fun-filled activities; remember to make the most of this precious time with your children and enjoy your quality time together as a family! 

Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves and make the most amazing memories to look back on together this Summer! The best way to share with your family and friends would be by capturing your favourite moments through our App, MySunshine, which you can find on the App Store and Google Play.

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