How to start a pregnancy journal


Pregnancy is a big adventure filled with new experiences, emotions, and physical changes.

For many parents-to-be, recording this magical time is a way of capturing a unique time in their lives and all the delights and challenges that come with it. Whether you choose to keep a traditional journal or scrapbook or record the journey in a digital timeline to share with friends and family, here are a few ideas on how to start and what to include.

What to include in a pregnancy journal

A pregnancy journal is a fantastic opportunity to chart your baby’s development as well as reflecting on your thoughts and feelings during pregnancy.

You can buy ready-made pregnancy journals with prompts to fill in. These are ideal if you want to follow a structure.

Or you can go free-form and add whatever you want. A bullet journal is ideal for this as you can really use your imagination to make a bespoke set of pages just for you.

Pregnancy journals don’t just have to be for expectant mothers, either. Partners and children can join in, too. It can offer an excellent opportunity to bond and prepare for the new arrival. Whatever your family situation, having a baby brings many changes. So reflecting and sharing how you’re all feeling can help with the adjustment.

When making a pregnancy journal, you could:

  • Write about how you’re feeling — emotionally and physically
  • Reflect on key moments, from your pregnancy announcement and baby shower to your baby’s first kick and choosing teeny-tiny newborn clothes.
  • Chart your bump’s growth
  • Add scans and medical documents
  • Record bump photos 
  • Mark weekly or monthly milestones through the trimesters
Pregnancy scrapbook

Creating a physical scrapbook

If you decide to create a physical pregnancy scrapbook, you can include all your pregnancy documents and photos. Alongside writing notes, having the actual scans, printed pictures, and pieces of paper creates an interesting and tactile record.

You could make paper pockets to hold mementoes like ovulation strips or a pregnancy test.

It’s a lovely idea to treat yourself to a dedicated scrapbook or notebook with a nice cover that you can fill with memories and show your little ones as they grow up. 

Building a digital pregnancy journal

Recording your pregnancy journey digitally is a quick and convenient option. A digital pregnancy album doesn’t have to replace a physical one, either. The two can grow side-by-side as your bump does!

Apps that help you build a digital pregnancy timeline, like MySunshine, are easy to access on your phone or device, so you can update whenever you like and even on the go.

Though you don’t get the tactile nature you might with a physical scrapbook, you can include photos of pregnancy tests, scans, and documents in your digital journal. This also means you can keep the originals tucked away somewhere safe.

Digital pregnancy timeline

One of the biggest benefits of a digital pregnancy album is that you can share the experience with loved ones. From pregnancy announcements to gender reveals and photos of your growing baby bump, you can send updates to trusted friends and family in just a couple of clicks.

You can also include videos. Whether you like vlogging and want to put a full video diary together or just wish to record short highlights, a timeline app enables you to upload clips. Videos, of course, can’t be saved in a notebook!

Tracking pregnancy milestones

MySunshine includes a milestone feature, so you can highlight special moments, such as your 3-month scan or getting a nursery ready. By selecting a milestone from the list or creating your own custom one, you can upload a photo with a fun frame to mark the occasion.

What’s more, you can share these milestones with loved ones in your MySunshine network. All content is private and secure — only people you invite can see your content, and you can decide how much access they get. The app gives you the opportunity to share photos with trusted friends and family outside of social media. Equally, you can use MySunshine alongside social media platforms.

First words milestone

Recording memories beyond giving birth

Pregnancy is a fantastic journey — but it doesn’t end there! MySunshine offers a handy way to continue recording and sharing your child’s childhood moments. With even more milestones, you can share your baby’s first steps, your toddler’s potty training escapades, and your child’s first day at school.

Tell your child’s story in a fun, safe way by building a digital scrapbook that grows with your family. 

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