Why use MySunshine when I already share my photos on social media?


Social media platforms can be fantastic for connecting with people and sharing photos online quickly and conveniently. 

When it comes to family photos, whether or not you share pictures of your children on social media is your decision. Some parents do, and some prefer not to. There’s quite a divide in opinions over ‘sharenting’.

MySunshine can be used alongside social media or as a standalone way to include loved ones in your child’s growing-up journey. It’s more than just a photo album. You can record metrics and milestones to capture, share, and look back on those magical firsts.


Posting on Facebook and Instagram is an easy way to send photos to friends and family members on those platforms. However, these social media sites are more suited to general sharing. They have wide reach but content can get lost in the masses unless you directly tag people in them. Most people’s news feeds only show them photos selected by the site’s algorithms.

MySunshine is tailored towards your child, focusing on their journey so loved ones who have a real connection to them never miss a moment.

As well as posting photos and videos on your baby’s timeline, you can record their milestones. From their first time eating solids to their first day at school! You can build a narrative so trusted loved ones can stay up to date with your child’s progress. 

Easy for all the family to use

Not everyone uses social media. Unfortunately, because many platforms are owned by larger social media companies (Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp), you often need a social media login to access them.

MySunshine doesn’t require social media login credentials. You can sign up with your email or Google or Apple accounts.

MySunshine is easily accessible. You can download it on any Android or iOS device, including iPads and tablets. You can also view or upload content from your internet browser.

Because you choose who is invited to your timeline, it’s easy to share your pictures with all of them at once, rather than having to individually email or send pictures via various messaging platforms.

Easy to navigate 

When you upload pictures on social media, they’re organised chronologically, with newer photos nearer the top. However, scrolling back through to find certain moments can be confusing because so many people are contributing to the network. Family members looking for a particular picture of their niece, nephew or grandchild might spend ages trawling through the parent’s profile to find it. 

MySunshine has a clear timeline layout. Ordered chronologically, your child’s age is automatically pinned to the picture so you can look back and know exactly what your little one was up to at 9 months 4 days old!

No ads or pop-ups clutter the screen like they might on social media profiles.

It’s also super easy to add new pictures to your timeline — just click on the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner and go straight to the upload options.

Privacy and security

We live in a digital age, and there are many wonderful advantages to this. However, sharing content online also comes with risks. Anything we post on social media contributes to our ‘digital footprint’ — and those of our children.

Many of us are aware of security when it comes to things like online banking, but what about other digital platforms? Are we as vigilant about privacy settings on social media and messaging apps?

Privacy policies on social media sites can be confusing, and many people end up ignoring them. It’s good to have an awareness of a site’s privacy policies so you know who has access to your content and so you can make an informed decision on which platforms you use.

WhatsApp was recently criticised for its privacy policy updates. After speculations that it would have the ability to hand over customers’ personal information to Facebook, many of WhatsApp users switched to more secure apps like Signal. 

Privacy is at the heart of MySunshine. We know how important it is to many parents to know their content is truly secure. All information is encrypted in transit and in the MySunshine database. Only those you specifically invite can view the timeline, and you have control over each person’s access levels — whether they can view, comment on, or add to the timeline. You can also export all your content at any time.

Read more about MySunshine’s security on our FAQ page.

Social features

As with many social media sites, MySunshine offers your friends and family the chance to really get involved with your little one’s journey by adding likes and comments! 

Each member of your network can decide on the frequency of their notifications, too.

Gifts and keepsakes

We’re so excited about our MySunshine printed products. While sharing content digitally is great, there’s something special and nostalgic about printed photos. Why not have the best of both worlds?

In the coming months, the MySunshine app will be integrated with our online store so you can order beautiful gifts and keepsakes directly from your timeline.

This unique element will offer prints and postcards, alongside photo books and personalised storybooks — ideal presents for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and family birthdays!

MySunshine: a secure social feed

Social media sites absolutely have their benefits. They’re a brilliant way to keep in touch with people you may not be able to see very often.

MySunshine offers a different take on photo-sharing. It allows you to stay connected with the people really important to you and your child, and create a secure social feed tailored to your little one.

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