Social media and messaging platform privacy

Mum and baby taking a selfie

Digitally sharing photos and videos of your little ones can be a real source of pride. Every bit of progress they make is special and beautiful — from their first wobbly steps to their first day at school.

Photo-sharing is also a lovely way to keep family members updated on your child’s development from afar. However, increasing concerns over privacy settings on social media sites and popular messaging platforms has led to many parents seeking alternative ways of sharing content with family and friends.

How can we be sure those precious memories are truly secure?

WhatsApp wobbles

Earlier this month, WhatsApp came under fire for its privacy policy updates. Speculations about WhatsApp’s ability to hand over customers’ personal information to Facebook began to arise and many of the platform’s users switched to more secure apps like Signal and Telegram.

WhatsApp denied the claims and has now delayed rolling out its policy update. The situation has drawn a lot of attention to issues around user privacy more broadly. The concern is significantly heightened for parents who wish to protect their children in all ways and may decide to avoid sharing pictures of them on social media or via messaging apps. 

Apart, together

However, we’re in a particularly tough time right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many parents with young children have been unable to see their family members and support networks in person as much as they would like. Some grandparents have been unable to meet their new grandchildren and people of all ages are struggling with feeling isolated and disconnected from their loved ones.

Have you experience these challenges within your own family?

Because of lockdown and social distancing measures, staying in touch digitally has become more crucial than ever before. If our trust is wavering in social media sites and even popular messaging platforms that once professed to be super-secure, how can we safely share pictures of our children with our nearest and dearest?

A family-centred timeline

MySunshine offers a solution that not only focuses on security but also helps us all stay connected with our families during this challenging time. You can build a dedicated timeline of your child’s photos, metrics and milestones, then share that content with trusted loved ones.

All information is encrypted both in transit and in the MySunshine database. Only those you specifically invite can view the timeline and you have control over each connection’s access levels. You can also export all your content at any time.

MySunshine helps you create a secure social feed around your child and the people most important to you.

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