Random acts of kindness to bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces


It’s Random Acts of Kindness Day!

While we can aspire to be kind and considerate every day of the year, today is a good reminder to perform acts of kindness for one another. Practicing acts of kindness yourself can also encourage your children to express kind thoughts and actions.

There are loads of lovely acts of kindness you can perform – today or any other day. It is so important to share special moments with our support networks and communities so that we can stay connected. The more we practice being kind to one another, the more it comes naturally and the less we have to think about it. Being kind is not only beneficial to the person you are showing care to but also to your own wellbeing! Doing something nice for someone else can be a massive mood booster.

Write a positive email, text, or letter

Why not get your little one to contribute too — they can draw or mark-make, or older kids can sign their name or write their own letter. It can be exciting for them to get a reply in the post days or weeks later, too!

Whether it’s to a coworker, a friend, or a family member, take a couple of minutes to send an uplifting message. It could be a silly joke to make them laugh, a big-up to congratulate them on something they’ve done well, or even just a ‘Hey, I’m thinking of you, hope you’re having a great day.’

Send a surprise gift or care package

Who doesn’t like a surprise parcel in the post? You don’t have to spend lots of money, either. You could make something and pop it in the mail, or order a thoughtful gift online. The beauty of online shopping is that you can send it straight to your recipient. From fresh flower bouquets to self-care boxes filled with pampering treats, you’re sure to find something to delight your loved one. Besides, it truly is the thought that counts!

Bake your family’s favourite cake

Sometimes, we all need a little treat. And sometimes that treat just has to be in the form of cake! Grab some ingredients, arm your children with a mixing bowl and spoon, and spend some quality time together rustling up a delicious dessert.

Young boys baking together

Give your children extra hugs

Perhaps you’re already an especially affectionate parent, but extra cuddles and snuggles never go amiss! Throughout the day, give your toddler a bear hug, pat on the back, or kiss on the cheek just to remind them how much you love them.

Call a loved one that you haven’t spoken to in a while

It can be easy to get swept up in the chaos of daily life. Even when we know we care deeply for our friends and family, sometimes we forget to express it. Picking up the phone and having a chat with someone we haven’t called in a while can really brighten their day.

If you have older family members (grandparents, great-grandparents, great aunts and uncles, etc.) who live on their own, just a five-minute chat can make a difference and help them feel less isolated. 

Maybe your children can have a chat with them too!

Let someone know you’re here to listen

We all face struggles and difficult times. And many people don’t always express that outwardly. If someone you know is having a hard time, a quick message to say you’re here if they need you can express your solidarity. Whether or not they take you up on the offer, just knowing there’s someone there to listen can help them feel seen and cared for.

Donate to your local food bank

Most supermarkets have food bank collection points. If you’re able to, next time you do your big shop, pick up an extra item or two to help somebody in need. It can be a nice idea to let your children choose what goes in.

Compliment a stranger

Last week, I was picking up a prescription from the pharmacy. The lady behind the counter complimented my name, and that small comment had me beaming all day! 

A desire to be seen and feel heard is such a big part of the human condition and it really warmed my heart that a complete stranger had noticed me and said something nice. Words are powerful and, when we use them wisely, a small phrase can have a big positive impact. 

Sometimes we feel self-conscious about giving compliments. We wonder how the other person will take them and if we’re overstepping the mark. But next time you see something you like, just say!

Leave a favourable review

When things don’t go so well — our phone broke, the waiter forgot our side salad, the entry price to the museum was too high — we tend to feel motivated to voice our dissatisfaction. But when things do go well, we often overlook things like reviews. 

So when you receive good service, let the company know! From the restaurant that made the absolute tastiest pizza to the brilliant educational game, you downloaded to keep your toddler occupied, leave a review on Tripadvisor, or the App Store. Share your delight on social media and let your friends and family know that they might benefit too. 

Positive feedback can make a real difference to small, independent businesses in particular — trust us, we know!

Be extra kind to yourself

It is when it is hardest to be kind yourself, that you most need it. Show yourself care – whether that is by asking for help, buying yourself a gift or running a relaxing bath – and appreciate you. 

Carrying out random acts of kindness to others is fantastic, but remember that you deserve loving actions too! Self-care is just as important as caring for your friends, family, and loved ones. 

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You can get started on your timeline after downloading MySunshine. Then you can invite your loved ones to your timeline and bring a little ray of sunshine to their days!

Invite your loved ones to MySunshine

Bring more love and goodwill into your life each and every day by carrying out random acts of kindness. It’s similar to gratitude practice — the more you do it, the easier it becomes. You’ll notice that, despite the big scary things we can’t control, the world can be a brighter, happier place. 

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