5 festive activities for a fun, COVID-safe Christmas


With various restrictions around the country and limits on family gatherings, this Christmas might not feel quite as jolly as other years. Here are a few ideas to bring you and your little ones some festive joy and lift your spirits — make December 2020 a real season of goodwill!

1. Virtual greetings

It might feel a bit disheartening not seeing all your loved ones in person this holiday season, but there are still some great ways to stay connected. 

Why not record a fun video message to send to your friends and family? It could be in place of, or alongside, a traditional Christmas card. The family could take it in turns to send recordings of their favourite festive jokes! 

If it’s your baby’s first Christmas, your loved ones are sure to look forward to a snippet of your little one all cosied up in a Chrimbo jumper or entranced by the Christmas tree!

It could also be a nice idea to get the kids to film a little thank you message once they’ve opened all their pressies.

And you can share your videos on your MySunshine timeline for an easy way to distribute that good cheer.

2. Christmas handprints

Making a print of your baby’s hand is a lovely, super-easy way to commemorate their first Christmas — all you really need is a bit of paint and paper. 

You can look back and remember how teeny-tiny their little paws were! If you want to get a bit more crafty with it, you could make these sparkly handprint mittens

Older children can also get creative, making a reindeer handprint ornament that can be used to decorate the tree for years to come.

3. See how Santa’s reindeer are getting on

Give your family a sneak peek of Rudolf and his pals as they get ready for the big day! 

Take a look at Reindeer cam, Santa’s official reindeer live feed! You can watch via the website, or download the app.

4. Holiday movie night

Snuggle up against the cold winter evenings with a Christmas-themed movie night. Gather some snacks and blankets — maybe even a comforting hot chocolate — and enjoy some seasonal film favourites.

You could reminisce with a classic, like It’s A Wonderful Life, take a trip down memory lane to the 90s with Home Alone — guaranteed to be a hit with the kids, too. Or you could watch something a bit more contemporary, like Frozen or Arthur Christmas.

Check out Good Housekeeping’s 55 Best Christmas Movies for Kids That the Whole Family Will Love Watching to keep you occupied throughout the whole holiday season!

5. Stay active with Cosmic Kids Yoga

If the kids have lots of excited energy to burn in the run-up to Christmas, keep them active yet calm with a festive-themed yoga session.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Christmas Special is an interactive story that helps children of all ages build strength, balance, and confidence as they venture to the North Pole to find Santa!

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