How to have an eco-conscious Christmas


Christmas is a time of goodwill, good food and, often, a bit of overindulgence. While it’s great to go all out and have a wonderful festive time, it can generate a lot of waste and take its toll on the environment. 

There are lots of creative ways you can have fun whilst being kind to the planet. Getting the kids involved is also a brilliant way to keep them entertained over the Christmas holidays, as well as encouraging environmental awareness.

Handmade Christmas cards

Using bits and bobs from around the house is a resourceful way to make Christmas cards, and it uses less energy than factory-made cards. You can use paint, paper, cotton wool, lollipop sticks — anything you can get creative with!

It also gives your little ones the chance to use their imaginations to create personalised cards that your friends and family will treasure!

Take a look at these great handmade card ideas for some inspiration. 

Recycle your cards and wrapping paper

Each year, 1.5 billion Christmas cards are thrown away by UK households. Saving this year’s cards and gift wrap can give you loads of great material to make your own tags and cards next year!

It can be as easy as cutting out an image from a received card and adding a loop of ribbon — ta-da, a Christmas label for next year!

Take a look at some more Christmas recycling tips on the CBeebies website.

Make your own crackers

Continuing with the crafting theme, homemade crackers can be an entertaining and green alternative to shop-bought options, which are often filled with plastic that just gets thrown away. (Not to mention the groan-worthy jokes).

With a few simple materials as a base, you can make Christmas crackers that not only make a beautiful table centre-piece but are tailored to each of your guests. 

You just need some cardboard tubes (kitchen or toilet rolls work well), paper to decorate, and ribbon or string to tie the ends. You can add any other decorations you fancy, too. If you want that satisfying cracker ‘bang,’ you can buy cracker snaps from a range of craft stores. Inside, you can add your own jokes, make unique paper hats, and include a heartfelt mini gift everyone will love.

Here are a few homemade cracker ideas to get you started, though the design options are endless! 

Second-hand toys

Of course, we want to treat our children to lots of toys and goodies at Christmas, but how often does your little one play with something a couple of times, then grow out of it?

Pre-loved toys from charity shops or eBay are an excellent way to save money and give your child a sustainable gift — they’ll never know the difference!

Alternatively, a toy-swapping subscription ensures a rotation of toys your little one will love, without there being loads of waste at the end. Whirli is an awesome shareable toy box that allows you to subscribe to a plan to get Whirli tokens. You can then spend your tokens on items from their expansive toy library. Your child can play with the toys for as long as they like, there’s no time limit! 

After they’re done, you simply send the toys back to get your tokens re-credited to your account. Somebody else can enjoy the toys while you choose some new ones for your child to play with!

Why not give it a Whirli?

And remember, why not share the joy as your kids craft and play by posting pictures on your MySunshine timeline? Friends and family are sure to appreciate the festive cheer!

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