About MySunshine


Hi, I’m Kieran, the co-founder of MySunshine. I wanted to give you a bit of a background on what the app is and why we started it!

Following the birth of our first child, Leo, my wife Alice and I built an app prototype. It was a basic way for us to share photos with family, without having to post on Facebook or other social media accounts. It is also became a great timeline to see how our son grew over the first months and years of his life.

Right now we are re-building the app based on the brilliant feedback we received from Mums & Dads, Grandparents and everyone else who took the time to have a look at our prototype. It will be available from November — in a little over a month’s time!

What’s New?

The app will be faster and shinier which is always nice, but we also tried to include other suggestions such as a being able to login with an Apple or Google account, push notifications to keep everyone in the loop and being able to add content directly from other apps on your phone!

The full list is pretty long but our explainer video will hopefully cover the main benefits in terms of privacy, ease of use and building a story to look back on. Available next month, stay tuned!

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